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Use your trips to the grocery store to earn cash for Hearts for Kenya!

A Hearts for Kenya/Kroger Gift Card is an easy way to earn money for Hearts for Kenya. Every time you shop at Kroger with your card, up to 4% of all your future purchases made with the card will benefit Hearts for Kenya. For every dollar spent with a Hearts for Kenya/Kroger card, Kroger will donate 4% back to Hearts for Kenya. It’s one great way for you to help us build hope for the people of Oyugis, Kenya.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3-4!

Purchase a Kroger card from Hearts for Kenya for $5. The card is credited with $5 that you can spend immediately at any Kroger across the country.

During your next visit to Kroger, add value to the card, up to $250 at a time, for future grocery purchases. You may do this at the customer service desk or at the checkout lane with cash, credit/debit card or check. (You can even use your frequent flyer credit card to add value, and get credit for miles!) Please note: You must add money to it BEFORE you checkout (i.e., before it’s rung).

Use your card each time you shop at Kroger to pay for your purchases.

Whenever the value on your card runs low, add value, up to $250, to your card. (Cards that carry a $0 balance for 90 days will be inactivated and removed from the program.)

What an easy way to help the people of Oyugis – giving back with EACH of your trips to the grocery store.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a Hearts for Kenya/Kroger Gift Card?
Hearts for Kenya/Kroger Gift Cards must be purchased directly from Hearts for Kenya. Gift cards purchased in a Kroger store cannot be linked to Hearts for Kenya for reward dollars. Each “starter card” costs $5.

To purchase your Hearts for Kenya/Kroger Gift Card email us or call 502.459.4582 for more information.

How do I use my Hearts for Kenya/Kroger Gift Card to make purchases?
Use your card just like you would a credit card. Present your card to the cashier for payment or use the card in the U-Scan lanes. Simply slide the card through the card reader and select “Gift Card” as the method of payment.

What Can I purchase with my Hearts for Kenya/Kroger Gift Card?
You can purchase any merchandise, including pharmacy purchases, with the exception of fuel and services.

Where is the Hearts for Kenya/Kroger Gift Card Accepted?
The card is accepted at all Kroger affiliated stores throughout the U.S. and can be sent to family and friends out-of-state and still benefit Hearts for Kenya as long as the card is reloaded.

What if I don’t use my Hearts for Kenya/Kroger Gift Card or if I deplete the balance?
A gift card with a $0 balance for 90 days or more will be voided out of the system and cannot be recharged. If your card is inactive for 12 months, a $2 per month inactivity fee will be applied by Kroger until the card is used or there is no balance remaining.

How do I reload my Hearts for Kenya/Kroger Gift Card?
Before paying for your purchases, reload your card at the cashier or Customer Service Desk. You can reload your card at any Kroger store. For any amount up to $250. The card must be reloaded and paid for prior to your merchandise purchases and must be completed as a separate transaction for Hearts for Kenya to earn cash back. Simply notify the cashier that you will be reloading your card before your groceries are rung.

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