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After countless inquiries on ‘ways to help’ the people of Oyugis, we have developed seven sponsorship opportunities from which you may choose. Please don’t let the costs lead you to believe that any one is more important than another. They are ALL important.

Provide a Water Purification System
Provide a system which produces more than 30,000 gallons of purified water/day
Sponsor a School’s Agricultural Training Program
Teach students agriculture and provide a farm for the school children to produce their own food—including seed, fertilizer, etc.
Sponsor a Farming Family
Support one family’s farming project for a year—seed/fertilizer/equipment
Create a Tailoring Career School
Provide a tailoring career education class—teacher, sewing machines, material and supplies
Create a Carpentry Career School 
Provide a carpentry career education class—teacher, tools, materials and supplies
Build a Community Center
Provide 250 bricks and mortar
Sponsor a Nursing Student 
Provide a month’s tuition, room and board for a nursing student

And always remember that you can also click on the ‘Make a donation’ button on the left and type in any amount you’d like. NO donation is TOO SMALL!

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