We tend to think of wake-up calls as though they’re an acquisition of new information. [But in fact, ahas are the product of] our own deep, innate wisdom.
— Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance

Here are some recent “Aha moments” from volunteers who travelled to Oyugis with us recently:
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Elizabeth Neyman, Volunteer
“All I can think of to say about our trip to Kenya this year is how truly impressed I was by how well you have chosen your Kenyan partners and developed programs to promote self-sufficiency.”
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Joe Brennam, Volunteer
“While in Kenya, we had the opportunity to visit the isolated mud huts of some women suffering from HIV as well as two HIV support groups.”
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Brittany McGarry, Volunteer
“When people say this is a trip of a lifetime, it doesn’t even begin to skim the surface of the true meaning of the experience in Oyugis.”
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Susan Nyakado, Farmer and single mother of seven
“since then I have been able to feed my family three times daily, afford for them some school needs , clothes them and come little resources to take them to hospital.”
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Nicholas Orawo, Farmer
“It (farming project) will help eradicate poverty and it will help promote the living standard of the entire community. I pray that the Lord helps it materialize.”

Nancy Gary, Volunteer
“I am therefore so grateful to have been on this mission trip. It has been the most influential and eye opening journey in my life and I hope that I am so lucky to return for many years to come.”
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Eluid Ogweno, Farmer
“I am taking care of some orphans so through this farming they will have their daily bread and also school needs.”

Recho Ogila, Farmer
“Harvesting it (crops) will bring income to the family when exchanged with money in the market hence improvement of the living standard. The family expenditure in terms of purchase for balanced diet food will be reduced.”

Mary Adhiambo Otieno, Farmer
“It (farming project) will be of great help to the entire community since it will help in reducing poverty and will promote the nutrition value to our families. It will be an income producing activity.

Kennedy Oguta, Farmer
Since this agricultural work is based on felt need, the farmers will be free from poverty and pain. It is hoped that they, the farmers, will have a standard of living that will aloow them to be free from the pain caused by inadequate food, sanitary conditions, clothing and shelter. It will also bring freedom in controlling their lives.”

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