Target Community

Hearts for Kenya hopes ultimately to serve the entire population within the Oyugis area. However, for the sake of simplicity and clarity, it is helpful to think in terms of the present target community as being the three groups of people who are presently being directly served by the Hearts for Kenya agriculture projects: the 80 families in the farm co-op, the 90 orphans in the Church of the Brethren orphanage, and the 300 students who attend the eleven schools. Hearts for Kenya anticipates that the changes brought about in these three projects will have a positive spillover effect throughout the Oyugis area.

An 80 family cap was established as the maximum size for the programs furnished by Hearts for Kenya to be effective. Plans to begin a second co-op, also to be capped at 80, are already under discussion. As there are thousands of farms in the Oyugis area, and interest in the present co-op’s progress runs high, the establishment of numerous similar co-ops throughout the area is a hopeful potential.

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