Health Clinic (Original)

Caring for the Oyugis Community

Planned to open in early 2014, the Amani Medical Clinic will provide much-needed medical care to the local community.

Built with local materials by Kenyan workers and volunteers, the clinic has been designed to use renewable sources of energy, including rainwater and solar power. The facility includes reception, waiting and triage areas, a pharmacy and laboratory, an administrative office with clinical library, plus four examination rooms. A staff nurse will be available three days a week with a conservative estimate of 60 patients seen each day.

Not only does the clinic provide a source of income for the doctors and staff, it will also offer digital record-keeping for better diagnosis and treatment of patients.

This is perhaps the most life-changing benefit of the clinic to the people of Oyugis. Right now, patients often have a dozen different medical records from as many clinics. Having one comprehensive, electronic source for a patient’s medical history will allow doctors to make more accurate diagnoses and properly administer care.

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